"Lady Arielle" BE 17 1124765

Dr of Marnix  x Arielle from Scherens Vangrambren Belgium




"White Power" BE 18 1087276

Son of Angelo Blanco x White Lady from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium




"White Angela" BE 18 1087287 

Dr of White Boy x Angela Blanca from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium. 



''White Charles'' BE 16 1094598 Son of Austin x White Angouleme from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium.  



''Mr July'' CPFA 15 BD 754  Top Breeding Cock

Now owned by Jim Pollard, Texas, USA   



''Missile'' 13 5881  100% Janssen Cock, 600 Km prize winner



IHU 18 S 149593 Logan Cock from Dublin, Ireland 



IHU 16 S 002761 Logan Cock from Dublin, Ireland


IHU 16 S 002762 Logan Hen from Dublin, Ireland



CPFA 18 BE 310  Pure Logan Cock

Now owned by Dennis Fioraso Hamilton, Ontario  



CPFA 19 BB 529 Son of Missile and Lady Arielle 


 CPFA 19 BB 501 Pure Logan Cock